The Pillfold: A Review and Gift, All Rolled Into One

I have to start by saying if you have an autoimmune disease or chronic illness and you have not checked Sara Gorman’s Website and blog you should definitely check it out.  Here’s the link: Sara’s blog is a place from which I draw encouragement and inspiration; and although I’ve not yet read her book, “Despite Lupus,” it’s definitely at the top of my to-do list. I believe when you visit her blog you will find lots of good stuff just as I have but, in the meantime, let me share one of my favorite quotes.  This one fits right in with one of the things I often struggle with and write about, “It’s not about sacrifice to me – it’s about striking a balance so that I stay healthy, stable and strong. It’s about being well enough so I have the choice of which projects to take on…rather than running myself into the ground so I lose that choice altogether.

Sara Gorman has also created her own line of stylish pill bags that are simply awesome.  I don’t know about you but with a heavy dose of brain fog, I sometimes have difficulty remembering to take my daily meds or even remembering whether or not I have already taken my daily meds.   I tried the little plastic labeled pillboxes and hated it, they didn’t hold up well and would pop open in my purse.  It was super exciting to find Sara Gorman and her pillfold while doing an internet search for Lupus blogs.  I ordered not just one for me but also one for a very dear friend (hence the gift/payment part of this blog).  I placed my order last Wednesday and was stoked to come home from work on the following Monday and find the package in my mailbox.  The timing could not have been better as I have been having a flare and just added some more meds to my list.  The Pillfold is stylish and functional and I’ve wasted no time filling it up with my meds. It has been my companion all week and here are some of the things I love about the pillfold:

  1.  No more bottles rattling around in my purse
  2. Enlarged zipper pulls for sore, stiff arthritic fingers
  3. Plenty of room for your daily meds and vitamins
  4. Extra pocket at the bottom for those as needed meds (in my case: Advil)
  5. 5% of all sales goes to a lupus charity
  6. It is made in the U.S.A.
  7. Did I mention that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pillfold : )

Ok back to the gift/payment part of this post, the pillfold also makes a great gift for just about anyone.  My dear friend/co-worker/work out partner edits my blog for free (well, sort of for free). The original agreement is that she would be paid in copious amounts of M&M’s, friendship, and the occasional chocolate covered doughnut. However, she has been a bit under the weather and I’ve been working her extra hard lately so I decided to add the pillfold to the mix.  I hope she enjoys it as much as I do.

Side note:   I take all responsibility for any mistakes you may find in my blogs, my friend is an English Major and a miracle worker but some things I write just can’t be fixed : )


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